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Our partner companies and brands

Our partners and affiliates are strategically aligned with FS21 and our teams to help bring the best experience and growth of players within the program.  Some of our partnerships help give players enhanced exposure, others help save money on the best equipment and gear on the market.  Our goal is to add exceptional value and benefits to our loyal players, families and friends.



SportStream Arizona has become the leading streaming service for sports in Arizona.  Our relationship with SportStream gives numerous teams within our Stars program the opportunity to be featured and live streamed with SportStream’s play-by-play broadcasting and multiple camera game coverage.

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The Arizona Stars are exclusively sponsored by DeMarini, the only team and organization to have that honor in Arizona.  Nationally, less than 20 organizations share the ability to be “Powered by DeMarini.”  This gives us exclusive opportunities for tournaments and you’ll always find DeMarini products in our dugout.

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DeMarini is owned by Wilson, who also owns Slugger, EvoShield and ATEC.  This also gives us access to everything from these brands in addition to DeMarini.  Coach Freddy played with an A2000 in the pros, so it’s no mistake that our relationship remains strong with the companies he preferred during his playing career.

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