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Freddy Sanchez played in Major League Baseball for the Red Sox, Pirates and Giants from 2002-2013 as an infielder.  He was initially drafted in 1996 by the Braves but opted to attend college and spent 2 years at Glendale CC, a year at Dallas Baptist and his final year in college at Oklahoma City University, home of the OCU Stars (that’s where the passion for the team name Stars stems from).  At OCU, he was a NAIA All-Star and then drafted by the Red Sox in 2000.  He’s been inducted into 3 school’s Hall of Fame (Burbank HS, Glendale CC, Oklahoma City University) and Burbank HS retired his number.

Freddy knows about overcoming adversity.  Born with a severe club foot, doctors said he might never run normally or possibly not at all… he defied all medical expectations and competed with much success at the highest level as a professional athlete.

As a professional baseball player his milestones include being a 3-time All-Star, National League Batting Champion, has 2 World Series rings with the Giants and hit just under .300 for his career.  His biggest moment was hitting 3 doubles in his first 3 World Series at bats in Game 1 of the 2010 World Series, which was the first time it had been done in history.  In the MLB, he played 646 games at 2B, 172 at 3B and 55 at SS.  He finished defensively with Gold Glove numbers, .988 fielding percentage.

Freddy has made Arizona his home and is married to his high school sweetheart Alissa and they have 3 children, Evan, Ryan and Maddie.


FS21 was founded to share the expertise and philosophy of Coach Freddy with players of all age levels.  Beyond being knowledgeable, he has a distinct ability to coach players up and improve their overall performance.  Collectively they have worked with high school and D1 players preparing them for the MLB draft, including talking to scouts and recruiters about player potential.


Freddy works directly with the coaches of FS21 to help ensure all players are developing with the fundamentals required to show significant improvement through the season.  Coaches regularly attend instruction sessions with Freddy to form a solid understanding of techniques and systems in place to develop players at the highest level.

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