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FS21 Stars 2026: Four Years of Unrivaled Success at the Perfect Game Memorial Day Classic

The Unprecedented Journey

The FS21 Stars 2026 16U team has carved out a legacy of extraordinary success at the Perfect Game Memorial Day Classic, securing an unprecedented four-peat championship over the course of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. This remarkable achievement unfolded in Arizona, where the event annually attracted an average of 30 teams from across the West Coast, highlighting the competitive atmosphere and the high level of play.

The Role of Perfect Game

Perfect Game, renowned for organizing some of the most prestigious youth baseball tournaments in the country, provided a platform where the Stars' abilities were not just tested, but also celebrated. The organization’s commitment to showcasing young talent and providing exposure to college scouts and professional agents has made their tournaments a pivotal part of youth baseball.

Four Years of Dominance

Throughout these four years, the FS21 Stars not only excelled in winning but did so with a perfect record of 23-0, outscoring their opponents 218 to 45. This incredible performance underlines their consistency, strategic execution, and the ability to perform under pressure. Each tournament saw the team adapting and overcoming new challenges, a testament to their resilience and tactical acumen.

Legacy and Impact

These accolades reflect not only the skill and dedication of these players but also the strong developmental focus of the FS21 Stars coaching staff, who have consistently nurtured and leveraged talent to achieve success on such a prestigious platform.

Spotlight on MVPs and MV-Pitchers

The series of tournaments also highlighted individual achievements with different players earning MVP and MV-Pitcher accolades each year. In 2024, Jackson Weber was named MVP, while Cody Cappelletti and Kayden Henson were awarded Co-MV-Pitchers. The previous years saw Connor Russell (2023 MVP), Dylan Lopez (2023 MV-Pitcher), Ryan Harwood (2022 MVP), Noah Weiss (2022 MV-Pitcher), and Ethan Trahan (2021 MVP) making significant contributions to their team’s victories.

Semi-Final Game Walk-Off 🙌🏻

Championship Game Flics 📸

Championship Game Boxscore PDF

Download PDF • 45KB

This sustained success across four consecutive years at a highly competitive venue like the Perfect Game Memorial Day Classic not only celebrates the triumphs of FS21 Stars 2026 but also cements their legacy as one of the formidable teams in youth baseball

history. As we look back at their journey, it's clear that the Stars have not only won games but have also set an incredibly high standard for what young teams can aspire to achieve on the national stage.

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