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FS21 Baseball Welcomes New GBG Arizona Team

FS21 Baseball is expanding by adding an additional team to the program. The Chandler Halos (2026), founded by Kyle Dodd and Shane Goddard, has joined the club and will now be known as GBG Arizona.

The affiliation with GBG allows players to be part of a national organization to provide potential opportunities in exclusive and national tournaments across the US. As GBG has many teams positioned across the US, the ability to designate players for a particular tournament becomes a great option for exposure as this 2026 team prepares to enter their high school years.

“Some of the best years with friends and family were due to the Halos organization, I’ll cherish those memories forever. This new chapter is the best way to get our players ready for the high school and college recruiting environment over the next two years. As a former Division 1 athlete, I know how important development is from 14-16 years old to prepare for a chance to make a college roster,” explains Kyle Dodd, Chandler Halos founder.

The FS21 Baseball staff will work closely with the GBG Arizona coaches to ensure the FS21 system is followed and taught to players for advancement of skills in all aspects of the game. FS21 also provides camps and clinics to players of the organization for advanced development.

FS21 Baseball is the official affiliate of Garciaparra Baseball Group (GBG) for Arizona. GBG has a long, successful history of competing in the largest, national amateur tournaments in the US, even winning the 2020 WWBA Perfect Game National World Championship (2021 class). GBG has a proven college recruiting program to help their players obtain offers at programs across the country. GBG’s founder, Michael Garciaparra was also a professional player, and is currently a professional scout for the St. Louis Cardinals.

“We’re excited for this team and continued growth of our program in Arizona. Our plan this first year is to limit our total players, so we maintain a higher level of quality coaching and development. The coaches of this new team align with our vision; to become one of the best recruited programs in the country,” says Michael Yanke, FS21 Baseball GM/CEO.

Freddy Sanchez states, “I’m happy to expand our training and development to more players. One of my personal goals is to give back to the game that gave me so much through my life. We’ll be able to help this group grow and develop for their high school years and beyond.”

FS21 Baseball was founded by Freddy Sanchez and Michael Yanke in May of 2021. Based in the east valley of the greater Phoenix area, FS21 hosts camps/clinics in addition to, operating a limited number of highly competitive baseball teams competing in local and regional tournaments ranging in age from youth through high school.

Tryouts will be by appointment only after a player interview has been conducted. For more details, visit

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