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Summer's End and Fall Beginnings

The first summer season for FS21 is coming to an end. Our 2025 and 2026 FS21 Stars teams had a successful summer. Coach Freddy’s 2026 team won the WWBA Perfect Game Memorial Day tournament in the 14u division, that’s 2 years in a row for this team! The 2025 team has one more tournament, they head to Georgia (Lake Point) on July 6th for a week to play in their first Prep Baseball Report event, the 2025/15u PBR National Championships with 146 other teams in the tournament.

USA West Coast Championships

Both teams also participated in the USA West Coast Championships the month of June. Our 2026/14u team played in both, the 15u and 14u USA national events in Arizona, playing some of the top teams in the country. Both teams made the bracket of the tournament, meaning they finished in the top 32 of 100 to advance.

Getting the coveted “letter” for the next round in USA trails include:

· Noah Weiss

· Beckett Berg

· Aciel Guillen

· Ethan Trahan

· Colten Springall

· Ryan Harwood

Congrats to these guys and the teams for a great showing in the USA tournaments.

Fall 2022 Season

As we turn the page on Summer 2022, the Fall brings exciting growth to the FS21 program. New this coming Fall are 3 new Stars teams: 10u, 12u, and 14u (2027). Our 13u team completed their final tryouts last week and have filled the roster with some new talent. Our two 2026 teams (Stars and GBG) enter the freshman world of high school while the 2025 team continues as sophomores.

When the season begins in August, FS21 will have 7 total teams.

Other than the two 2026 teams, we are limiting the program to one team in each age division. We only expand when we feel everything is aligned for success, hence the adding of the teams for this upcoming season.

The vision of FS21 is to develop players to exceptional talent helping make their team a top contender in the age division. We feel like limiting the overall number of players in the program helps us stay true to our foundation of developing for elite competition. If we were too big, our diverse staff would be spread too thin, and the quality of instruction would diminish. While every team may not finish first every tournament, the prize in our eyes is for when the moments really count as they enter high school… when scouts line the fence watching players and evaluating talent. Taking calls from college recruiters and coaches and talking about our players is one of the best things we get to do at FS21. Our goal is to help get them beyond high school and it takes years to prepare. These reasons are the “why” of FS21 and we take practice and training seriously, there’s a purpose behind everything we do.

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