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Will your grades count for college?

From the first day an athlete steps on campus the freshman year of high school, decisions and actions can leave an impact on a player’s eligibility and ability to play as a NCAA athlete. Earning a higher GPA (3.7+) creates more opportunities for coaches and programs to accept student athletes.

In addition to earning the best grades, making certain the enrolled courses at your school are NCAA eligible. Not every class offered at your high school is counted towards NCAA eligibility. Taking too many non-eligible classes may cause a player to lose an opportunity for a D1 or D2 program, creating a need to start JUCO catching back up academically for eligibility.

High School Athletes…. Did you know that not every class at your high school is eligible for NCAA credit? If you’re planning on continuing your athletic career into college, you’ll want to make certain the classes you take meet eligibility. Here’s a link to search for your specific school’s eligible courses:

(hint… once you pull up your school, scroll down and select “show all not approved courses”)

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